“I regret my life.” was uttered by Vicomtesse D’Houdetot on her deathbed! How sad! I know not how long D’Houdetot lived but you can bet it was a life in which a lot of us would regretted. It was obviously something she wished she could relive or forget.

On her deathbed I would have felt bad for her. She had thrown away the precious time God had given her, and as she died, she finally realized it; she regretted it.

How many of us can agree with her? Can you? Or can you say, on your own deathbed, “I cherish every moment I lived on God’s earth!”? If you can say the latter, I’m proud, and God will be too.

But, you can’t just say it, you have to live it.

Did you know 150,000 people die each day and many are going to Hell, saying, “I regret my life.” Won’t you go out as often as you can and show them the truth? Please, don’t delay, their eternity rests on this truth!


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