On the sixth day, God created a creature that would be known by many people just because of his name. This creature, known as the aardvark, has become somewhat famous through his front-page location on dictionaries and encyclopedias. But, his unnatural looks, eating habits and digging abilities also make him stand out from among other creatures.

This aardvark, which kind of resembles a pig, has an unusually long nose that ends with two nostrils. These nostrils have an incredible sense of smell which the aardvark puts to good use by finding its next meal.

In order to capture his food, the aardvark must use his long tongue, which is covered in gooey, gross saliva. This tongue, which can be a whole foot long, is used to scoop up ants and termites. To get to these termites, the aardvark must locate the nest, smash through it with his massive claws and start licking up the escaping ants.

However, sometimes the aardvark can’t get his tongue far enough so he digs his way in. When this happens, little flaps of skin cover up his nostrils and his ears turn backwards. This blocks any dirt or bugs crawling up into the two most vulnerable parts of an aardvark. With help of such tools, aardvarks are known to eat over . . . continue reading >>>

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