hurtI have always thought about what it would have been like if Jesus was born nowadays. Of course, Jesus was born at the perfect time but it is interesting to think of that hypothetical situation.

But, then again, when I wonder if Jesus was born today, I can’t help but think of a conversation that probably would have happened:

Nurse: “Mary, please come in.”

Mary: “Be right back, Joseph.”

(Walks into room)

Nurse: “Okay, are you ready for the operation?”

Mary: “Yes, this baby is an accident and I cannot support it.”

Nurse: “No need to explain, Mary. I totally understand.”

Mary: “Joseph and I want a kid later in life; if it is a girl we will name her “Sarah” and if it is a boy, “Jesus”.

Nurse: “Great choice of names. Shall we go into the operation room and start the procedure . . . the abortion?”

Mary: “Might as well.”

Jesus probably would have been aborted if His birth would have been scheduled nowadays . . . think about that for a minute.

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