Spring-Wallpaper-BackgroundI went outside the other day and guess what? It was spring (well, it may not totally be spring but it feels like it)! The beautiful flowers are going to jump up, stretching towards the sun. Grass will grow green again and cover the earth. The earth will return from its hypnotic white and gray cover to the world of color.

Fruit blossoms will bloom. Branches will grow. Trees will send out sprouts to capture the spring sun. Snow will melt and fill the lakes and rivers with fresh water.

The color red will emerge. Teeth will sink into skin, flesh and bone. Cries will be heard. Death will grab and destroy the fresh air. Rotten carcasses will stand as a stark contrast to the beauty of spring.

Oh, sorry, I’m a little down since we live a pointless life if evolution is true . . .

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