As you can imagine, I often bring up “religion” (as they like to call it) up to my classmates. I have learned many people’s views and I must say that some of them disturb me. One was the title “agnostic Christian”. If you have any idea what an agnostic is, then you, like me, would be concerned for this person’s soul.

First off, with the strict definition, an agnostic is someone who believes that there is no evidence for a supreme deity, whether or not one is real. For agnostic, they can still, technically, believe there is some sort of god out there, but they feel there is no way of really knowing. A very sad belief if you ask me.

Anyway, an agnostic Christian, although it is a mix of this person’s own beliefs, must believe that some of the morals, Bible and the such taught in Christianity are true. So, an agnostic Christian could be described as someone who believes that God teaches good things and the such but there is no evidence He exists. Now, like me, you probably see many contradictions.

First off, how can you believe something God said is true, but not believe that the God who said it can be proven real. That is like saying that Picasso’s paintings are great, but you have no evidence for Picasso and you think nobody can ever prove he existed. It contradicts itself because it tells of the effect but then says that there is no evidence for the cause. The effect is the evidence for the cause.

Now, giving an agnostic Christian some slack, I might say he or she believes that somebody forged God’s “identity” and just claimed God wrote the Bible. However, for one thing, God is the main “theme” of the Bible. If you don’t believe He is provable how can you believe in the Bible? Secondly, the Bible, time and time again has proven itself to have come from only one source: God.

Anyway, I just find it unbelievable that such a contradictory belief could be . . . well . . . believed in! It really makes me worried for this world.