When dinosaurs were first found, many thought they were mistakes in evolutionary history and completely flopped at surviving. Slowly, as more research was done on these amazing creatures, more and more people realized that dinosaurs were amazing creatures and great survivors.

According to creationists, dinosaurs ran into some problems after the flood and were either hunted down, couldn’t survive because of climate, or a million other things, all of which led to one saddening fact: extinction. Or, at least, near extinction.

So, for the life of the dinosaur, they were created, and then they lived for a long time, and then they died out and we only had legends of them. However, soon we found the creatures again and made sure they aren’t going extinct again!

The human soul is a lot like the “wonderful life of the dinosaur”. First, the human soul is created. Once the soul is old enough to acknowledge Jesus as LORD, it is either lost or brought back to glory. When the soul is lost for awhile it wanders about, indulging here and there, trying to avoid God’s radar. But, it can’t. Eventually, the soul is found, and the soul surrenders, and it is put back into its original, perfect glory and God makes sure it will always remain as that.

When you feel your soul is lost and wandering about, you must get right with God and repent of your sins and accept Him as the only way of Salvation! Don’t let your musty old soul remain in the ground to never be restored.

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