One of my favorites from Luis V. Rey’s amazing work.

Of all the books I have read on evolution, I would have to say that Thomas Holtz’s book on dinosaurs, with 11 chapter recap of dinosaur history and evolution, is the easiest to understand and best-organized one of them all.

However, with his explanation of many things I, of course, found problems. But, certain things definitely stuck out to me, and that was the idea that small changes over many years could give rise to different creatures. I’d like to explore this a little more in the light of dinosaur “evolution”.

His theory, in a very short, concise way of putting it, stated that dinosaur evolved bit by bit over many of millions of years and then died off as new, better predators came up, or some kind of change occurred.

But, there are problems with his theories.

First off, how did these changes happen? Evolutionists will often answer by saying they are beneficial to the animal so they evolved them. However, there is a big problem with this. Since when do any creatures decide they need to evolve and then be able to do it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra arm sometimes? Just wish for it and maybe it will evolve on you! That doesn’t make scientific, or any, sense.

Another problem they have deals with reproduction.

If a certain dinosaur were to evolve longer arms for grasping prey, the odds are very high, actually impossible, against it. But, as the fossil records prove, we have more than one dinosaur with long arms so, that means, there must have been a second dinosaur, of opposite gender of course, of the same species that evolved longer arms, at the same time! The chances of that are . . . impossible, just like the first scenario.

See, evolution doesn’t make any sense. Supposedly we are supposed to see these small changes that lead to big changes but we don’t find them in the evidence. But, we do find them somewhere, evolutionist’s minds.

When I see all the dinosaur fossils I think of how much God loved and cared for us that He would preserve such amazing animals just so we could study them and awe at their Creator.

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