Not too long ago I read about the legends of griffins . . . in a dinosaur book! Now that is weird.

Well, this legend originated from the tribesmen in Central Asia, near the Gobi desert. Interestingly, the griffin is a mythical creature that has the head, wings and claws of an eagle and the body and tail of a lion, and, according to this legend, the creature guarded treasures in the desert (sound familiar?). This creature would not be your likely desert creature.

Anyway, when the tribesmen told the Greeks about their encounters they showed they were terrified. But, do you know what this evolutionary-driven dinosaur book said?

It said that those legends probably arose from the finding of Protoceratops skeletons (which are common in the Gobi desert)! These dinosaurs had large, beak-like mouths and very strange, hard “frill” coming from their head. There are some problems with this theory of Protoceratops bones being griffins.

1. If these tribesmen found Protoceratops skeletons why did they have them alive, residing in the desert and guarding treasure?

It doesn’t make any sense if these tribesmen found these bones and made these creatures. Instead, what if these tribesmen actually saw Protoceratops or some other dinosaur? What if this creature really did collect and guard treasure (maybe shiny objects caught its eye like many birds and animals today). Maybe it was a pterosaur?

We are living in exciting times with much to learn about these amazing creatures and I’m glad to say I’m anxiously waiting to share some more of my research into this very important subject: reptiles of yesterday.