Everyday, and no one can deny it, we are caught in time. Sometimes we fight this “master”, we always lose. With something so inescapable and powerful as time, sometimes it becomes our god of sorts.

Why is time so “powerful and controlling”?

Basically, time can do what it does because we can not escape it. This is all rather sobering but there is good news about time.

There are three periods of time:

Before (I know, ‘before’ is a time-related word) it was created

After it was created – present

When it will be taken away

When time first started ticking away, it came right from the hand of God. However, before the time was created God exists. And, even now, God exists outside of time. If He were to exist in time like we humans He could not be eternally because He would have had to come into existence when time did, and not be the Creator of time itself.

In the end, when the entire world is taken care of, we will live eternally, on earth and in heaven. I truly believe this means that time will not have the effect it has on us now. Then again, there are two different groups of Christians in the end (when earth is restored to the pre-fall state and there is no more death or sin) so let me explain a little deeper.

Christians Who are in Heaven

These Christians, I believe, will stop living in time and start living outside of it (notice how I used the words stop and start, I do not want to give the impression that we will exist outside of time in eternity past, like God).

Christians Who are on Earth

I believe these Christians will still live in time but time will no have any, or, at least, a small, effect on your body. I mean, if we aged in the end, would we just keep aging for eternity and never die? That would be quite a bummer.

No, I believe we will still live in time but I don’t think it will have any effect on us, so, I guess you could say it isn’t really time anymore.

Think of this when time has got you down: God exists outside of time and created it for us, He has total control over it and He has given us the opportunity to conquer it with His help.