rebellionMy little brother didn’t like the joke about being thrown into the bonfire outside our home. “Me nice person,” he said, thinking this would clear him from any fire. Unfortunately, many humans these days think the same way as my little brother. There hear about hell and they say, “I’m a nice person.” This doesn’t cut it. In fact, some people are so bent on this idea that they bet their entire eternity and soul on it.

Why? Why would someone bet their eternity on whether or not they think they’re good?

Satan, when he was still Lucifer, began to envy and then covet the Most High’s throne. His pride ballooned and he thought of one thing, “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” (Isaiah 14:14) Lucifer was so prideful that, eventually, he was cast out of heaven and into hell, which was made for him and those angels who followed him (Matthew 25:41). After that, humans rebelled against God and those who did not follow Him were also condemned to the same place as the demons.

Pride, is a grand source of many evils. The first viewing of pride was manifested in Satan. The second was manifested in Cain (for more on how Cain fits into this article, read here). Pride is also the driving force behind people putting on a “good-meter”.

When confronted with the question of whether or not someone will go to heaven, that someone might say yes, because they are a good person. However, here, instantly, we see a pride issue.

The problem with this is that those same people do not wish to humble themselves and let God take care of them. Instead, these people want to help God along, not willing to break their pride. It is pride that keeps God from lifting off that burden of sin, and letting the broken soul to rest. But, the person does not want this for themselves. They would rather live in their pride and go to hell, then humble themselves and serve Almighty God.

Of the 11 times the Bible tells us to humble ourselves, one time was against Pharaoh, who died in ignorance and pride, two other times were for all the Israelites who wondered 40 years in the desert, because of their pride. Another time was for Israel during the reign of Solomon. The command for humbling was made so that God would see their true repentance.

In the New Testament, when the Bible call to humble ourselves it always comes with a add-on: the humble will be exalted.

You see, no matter what rebellion you may be having against God right now, it is not worth it. Pride is a stubborn thing but if you but humble yourself you will be exalted and gain everlasting life (read more about everlasting life here). Please, do it today.

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