Ranging from a foot to two feet in length the Desert Horned Viper is exactly the snake that you would picture Satan indwelling. Actually, some paintings depict it as exactly that. This snake has large horns over his eyes and an amazing camouflage.

When a person first looks at a creature like this they would think, “how could God make this venomous creature before the Fall?” I read a very interesting article on the subject and I recommend it to you. Designed to Kill in a Fallen World.

Anyhow, these creatures are experts at camouflage and pain.

Snakes senses are very heightened. Some can see heat images, others use vibrations and all of them use their Jacobson’s organ (more on that some other time).  For this viper vibrations are key.

The Desert Horned Viper lives in the desert so, of course, he is mainly a night-hunter. When the desert cools off the smaller mammals and such leap from their dens and holes and scatter about, trying to get enough food. Well, this viper is just doing the same.

First the viper slithers under the sand. By feeling for vibrations and using his Jacobson’s organ he is able to tell where the animal is. The vibrations get stronger and more frequent. Stronger. Frequenter. The viper opens his mouth and springs. The retractable fangs emerge from the holes in the roof of the mouth. Bang. The venom seeps in to kill. The poor creature never knew what hit him.

However, if an enemy is involved then the viper changes tactics. First it will rub itself together to create a loud raspy sound. The viper hopes this will frighten the predator. If all else fails it fight or flee for this creature. Whatever choice he picks his life depends on it.

While this creature may have a dark past, which is unproven and nowhere supported in the Bible, it still glorifies God in all aspects.

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