Image copyright Joe Tucciarone

By being the largest pterosaur ever found, Quetzalcoatlus has quite a reputation, especially with those who design and build planes. It may seem weird that an “extinct” animal (and others from his species) would be the model for droid planes and such but it happens.

Quetzalcoatlus Features

  • Small crest
  • Long beak
  • 26 feet long while in flight (with feet trailing)
  • Long neck
  • 33-39 foot wingspan

Theories and Probabilities

  • Ate on land (unlike other pterosaurs)
  • Used crest to help steer
  • Use bill to help steer

All the hitherto mentioned theories are most likely probabilities considering the multiple factors derived from the skeletons from these pterosaurs.

Quetzalcoatlus Analysis


Unlike some other pterosaurs, Quetzalcoatlus had a small crest. Pteranodon had a large crest and some other kinds had ones 31 inches tall! Either way this crest would have helped control the flight pattern if needed. Just look at the flaps on a plane. You move one little flap and you can completely change the plane’s direction.

If Quetzalcoatlus used his crest as a type of rudder that would greatly help him in capturing prey (if he captured prey from the air that is) for he could quickly steer toward the subject of . . . read the rest of the article >>>

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