Liopleurodon extinct marine reptileIn Genesis 1, it is recorded that sea animals were created, then, on the next day, all land animals. Some of the neatest of the sea animals were the pliosaurs and plesiosaurs. Such creatures are often called the “dragons of the sea” and rightly so. These creatures sure did look ferocious, and somewhat mythical.

Anyway, it is the supposed evolutionary tree of these “dragons” that truly lend themselves to an interesting discussion.

Pliosaurs themselves are thought to have evolved from plesiosaurs. The pliosaurs have shorter necks and bigger heads, so evolutionists figure plesiosaurs (who have small heads and long necks) lost their long necks and grew bigger heads. Although this isn’t biblical, pliosaurs aren’t the ones whose evolutionary ancestry is interesting. That belongs to the plesiosaurs.

It was pretty simple to find the supposed ancestors of plesiosaurs. After finding plesiosaurs, I traced them back to their ancestor. And back and back it went until we came to a place called, “Sauropterygia”.

This “Sauropterygia” group consisted of lizard-like animals that had once been lizards. These lizards supposedly started spending more time in water. First it was just to find food. Then, after becoming attached, the lizards started living in the water and only coming out to breed and lay eggs. Eventually, these creatures evolved long flipper-like legs, grew long necks and adapted to this new lifestyle and soon were complete water creatures on their way to becoming plesiosaurs.

These amazing little lizards became one of the biggest and meanest sea creatures that ever lived. Quite an advancement for just liking water. Despite the evolutionary myth, the whole idea of land animals becoming sea creatures completely contradicts the Bible and science on two main points:

Sea creatures were created before land animals

That kind of evolution is impossible

For the first point, I find that many people have their own religions that completely conflict with what the Bible says. What is really interesting though is that their beliefs are almost the complete opposite of what the Bible tells us. I find it so interesting that God makes it so black and white. Anyway, with the whole land to sea idea, it says the opposite of what the Bible says.

For the second point, have you ever had the wish to be invisible. Well, according to the evolution some creatures have supposedly accomplished, you could become invisible as long as you like it and it suits you better (you get killed less often).  We both know that does not happen. We can’t evolve into our hopes, likes or wishes. That is completely anti-science!

So, where the land and water meet, we don’t see a lizard slipping into the water so he can become a plesiosaur. Plain and simple.

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