The Carnotaurus became especially famous after Disney’s movie, Dinosaurs. In this computer-semi-animated-semi-real movie the Carnotaurus (called “Carnotaur” in the movie) was the evil predator that was aiming to eat up the group of migrating herbivores.

In the end, without giving all the information, the bad guys get taken care of and the herbivores live happily ever after . . . at least, some of them. The only problems with Dinosaurs’ reconstruction of the dinosaur would be the exaggerated size (even though there is a big one and a smaller one) and ability to take down medium-size (ceratopsians) to larger dinosaurs (iguanodontians). As you will see in the study of the skull it does not seem that Carnotaurus could take down the larger animals.

Carnotaurus Features

  • 25 feet long
  • Two horns over eyes
  • Tiny, tiny arms
  • Big head

Carnotaurus Analysis


As can be expected the horns on Carnotaurus are . . . go read the rest of the article >>