A couple years back I remember seeing a couple minutes of some show on TV that was showing a frog melt. Yes, I said melt. With some further listening then, and research now, I found out what was really going on. Be prepared because what happens with this frog might just make your jaw drop.

In Alaska, the freezing winter is coming. The wood frog, one of only three other kinds of frogs that live this high, will go into such a deep hibernation that he will die. Die.

“Wait, wait.” You say. “How can the frog not be extinct if it dies every winter?”

Because the frog is a cold-blooded creature, his body temperature is usually pretty similar to the temperature of his surroundings. In the spring, summer and fall, the frog is relatively warm and has plenty to eat. Then winter sets in.

As soon as the first snow falls and touches the frog, it will begin to freeze. Literally, as soon as it touched it the body goes into freezing mode. How does it do this? The frog, after touching the ice, will draw in all of its water to the center of the body and covering all his organs with the water. In comes the cold temperatures and the water freezes. All his organs are now encased in ice, inside his body. The frog has become a frog-icecube.

The really crazy thing about this is that there will be activity inside the frog. No blood movement, and no heartbeat! No heartbeat. Essentially, this creature has died! So, how does this frog become . . . unfreezed?

Well, when the days get warmer and the freezing temperatures begin to leave, the secret weapon the frog had sent out right before freezing begins to react. What is the secret weapon? Sugar.

Before being frozen solid, the frog had sent sugar to his cells to keep them from freezing completely (they were frozen but still not frozen enough to not make it through the winter), this means the frog can still live.

Then, suddenly, a heartbeat can be heard. Another and another follow. Within 10-12 hours the frog is leaping about like nothing has happened. Just how all this happens is still a mystery and we may never know!

You know what I really can’t believe about this whole frog deal? That some people can call it random chance that this frog “accidentally” figured it out. Unbelievable right there.