About 12 years ago, scientists discovered something that many called, “the biggest news event in the past 50 years of science.” The discovery? Finding humans had ¼ the amount of genes scientists had earlier estimated.

As a result, many people said we were less complex. We were simple creatures because we had about the same amount of genes as an ear of corn. However, others said that we humans were more complex since less genes means that those genes have to be used to their full capacity to make us. They said a simple organism could not do that.

Exactly why people would say less genes makes a lesser individual, I do not know, but I think I do see a motive.

Evolutionists have been telling us for decades that we evolved from something very simple. Actually, they say the universe actually evolved from something so simple its name is: Nothing. Now that takes a lot of faith.

Anyway, if an evolutionist can try and prove that humans are simple creatures, then he or she can promote the idea that a bunch of mistakes and accidents would result in such a simple organism. The idea: the simpler you get, the easier it is for chance to make you.

A twisted belief but, if it works for them, then they’ll use it.

But, the belief has one big mistake: no matter how simple something is, Nothing can’t make it. If you don’t believe me, then think of an incredibly simple thing that can be seen with the naked eye. How about the letter “l”? It is very simple, much simpler than a human, or even a cell.

Let’s say you have nothing. Now, nothing can’t do anything, but let’s say he does have a little thing called space. He has enough space to make “l”. Now that he has space, how long will it take Nothing to make “l”? Any guesses? OK, I’ll make it easier.

So, let’s say that you have a pen and paper. This is giving the “l” a big head-start because he has what he needs to be made. However, will “l” ever be produced without someone picking up the pen and writing him there? Will the pen write “l” by himself? Will the paper? Will Nothing?

See, no matter how simple you get, Nothing cannot make something. Not a cell, not a human and not even the letter “l”!

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