Measuring an estimated 33-43 feet long, Kronosaurus is the second largest reptile to ever live in the sea (the “Monster” beat him in 2008). This creature had amazing size and strength and would strike fear into anyone.

Kronosaurus Taxonomy

Class: Sauropsida

Superorder: Pliosauroidea

Order: Plesiosauria

Family: Dolichorhynchopidae

Name: “Krono’s lizard”

Kronosaurus Features

  • An average 38 feet
  • Rounded, powerful teeth
  • Found in Australia
  • Named after to Greek god of time

Kronosaurus Analysis


Kronosaurus “Krono” had a very large head (nine feet long), so large that if scaled down to our size our heads would have to be nearly two feet long. This large head contained a huge mouth with very specialized teeth.

These teeth were very odd compared to Pliosaurus and Liopleurodon teeth in that they lack what is called the three facets of the teeth, along with cutting edge a  . . . read the rest of this article >>

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