3391_o_the_tower_of_babelThe origin of our languages is one of the most complex mysteries in the world. That is, to those who do not believe the Bible. Linguistics study languages and their origins for years and they always, always find the same thing: language come from nowhere.

Now, to a creationist, that might sound like evolutionary teaching and would be disregarded. However, I forgot to add one thing that doesn’t work out so great with the evolutionists: language seems to have come from nowhere and in record speed. Now that throws a twist in the evolution of languages.

The main problem evolutionists have with languages are that that seemed to have developed in no time. All of a sudden, bam, they are here, and everyone speaks them fluently. Despite what movies and TV shows teach nowadays, “early man” spoke perfectly one of the languages we have today.

We know this because God talks to the first man and his wife, Adam and Eve, has Adam and Eve talking to each other, the animals and even naming. Yes, the first language was well understood and orderly, just like everything God makes.

However, since that perfect language, man has corrupted it and the world with his sin. The language actually turned so opposite that mankind used it to speak against God in a united force. They defied God with their tongues for the first recorded time.

We probably all know what happens next. God sees what they do, and to give them a second chance, He confuses that perfect-now-twisted language into hundreds (maybe thousands) of different languages. boom, all languages made in a moment!

Could you imagine what they day would have been like? Imagine two people talking about plans for the tower. One wants a door on the east alone, and the other wants doors on all sides. Suddenly, in the midst of their discussion, they both start speaking different languages that they completely understand.

Once again, God has made something (a lot of things in this case) out of nothing.

Everybody’s brains completely change and they lose knowledge of the old language and completely change sides onto this new language. Their brains have been completely remodeled instantly!

I know I wouldn’t want to be the guy who is still speaking the old language when everyone else is screaming and hollering some new mumbo jumbo.

I’m glad God recorded such an amazing miracle and gives us proof every time we speak to someone who has no idea what we are saying!

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