Sin had approached the body of Jesus,

He spoke and vile things were heard,

But when the Lord Jesus rose His head, Sin did cower before,

And when the Lord spoke, Sin did vanish, forced down,

“O My Father, Thy will be done”

After Sin had come, Suffering did desire to see,

What he could do to Christ,

And with his guile he murmured to Christ,

“Can you conquer I?”

And Jesus, with mournful groans, spoke,

“O My Father, Thy will be done.”

Suffering, having been forced into Christ, had been succumbed,

Death, with hatred afire, did approach Christ,

And with a voice of temptation, did speak,

“I can conquer You!”

And Christ, with a voice ever-weakening, said,

“O My Father, Thy will be done.”

Then, the deathly threesome, walked with Christ toward the cross,

And, as He hung, Sin walked toward Him,

“Now will I enter You!”

And as Sin entered, Suffering did step near,

“Now will I enter You!”

As Suffering entered His body, Death approached,

“Now, I will finish You!”

And when Death, Suffering and Sin entered, the body of Christ caught them,

And with one final cry, the Lord proclaimed,

“It is finished!”

And with Him, who entered the tomb, were the evil threesome,

And, when He rose, Death, Sin and Suffering,

Were forever finished!

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