The saddest part of Jesus’ life, although many believe it to be the cross, would have to be His time in Gethsemane. Nothing could be more heart-wrenching then what He most have looked like in the garden.

Gene Edwards, after writing about Jesus’ agony in the garden gave a gruesome look at Jesus that would almost make you cry, at least, that is what it did to me. Edwards said that, when Jesus was praying, that all the pores in His body were releasing blood because He was in so much agony. He also was physically exhausted and looked so bad that Edwards imagined that those looking for Him must have thought He was half dead already!

That doesn’t sound like the type of picture I have at the top of this article, does it?

So, what could have caused Jesus so much agony? Why would people possibly have the idea that He was already dying?  Our hint lies in Mark 14:34:

And saith unto them, “My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death: tarry ye here, and watch.”

Yesterday, I wrote a poem about the unholy threesome that plagued Jesus before He died. I would like to expand on the poem I wrote.


Jesus, before going and experiencing the cross or death, was “exceeding sorrowful”. The Hebrew word for this can be translated as extremely sad, sorrowful, grieved, etc. This was no joke, Jesus was exceeding sorrow with His level of grievance.

Jesus was so sorrowful that “His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.” (Luke 22:44)


Death is the wages of sin. When you have sin, you have sorrow, suffering and death. Something few people realize is that Jesus couldn’t have died without sin. And, since He was sinless, the only way he could die is if He took the sin of the world upon Himself.


Since Jesus needed sin to die, we see here that Jesus had already taken or knew that He would soon be taking the sin upon Himself.

So, with the onslaught of sorrow, suffering, sin and approaching death, we can now see why Jesus was in such agony. But, you want to know something very unique?

When Jesus was sweating “blood” the Greek word for it is the same as “bloodshed” or a figurative meaning that would suggest the atoning blood of Jesus. So, before Jesus even was hung on the cross, He was already defeating suffering, sin and death with His atoning blood!

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