VladKonstantinovHypacrosaurusAfter reading about how devastating evolution has been for America, I really started thinking about what life would be like without the idea that chance and time accidentally made us. It really got me thinking.

The world would definitely be different without the idea that we are mistakes. People would see that they are moral beings created by God. They would be able to see that they need the Savior, Jesus Christ. I wonder what else would come out that we never though evolution dealt with.

Well, a little while ago, we talked about extinction and how someday, extinction will be, well . . . extinct. It made me think about if, how and why evolution would go extinct.


Now, evolution is a teaching that promotes a view that God does not exist. This, of course, is very blasphemous and evil in the eyes of God. Such a thing cannot continue to exist when God make a new heaven and a new earth. Such a idea has to go extinct.

So, evolution definitely will face extinction.


When I asked my self how evolution would go extinct, I immediately thought of how most of the dinosaurs would have died according to true science and the Bible. I thought of the flood. Now, the flood was God’s judgment upon mankind for being so evil. I can see the same type of judgment coming upon the idea of evolution. It will be annihilated in the power of God’s glory.


Because evolution blasphemies God by saying He couldn’t exist or that He couldn’t create the universe, it will have to be removed when God restores the universe to a pre-Fall condition. Such teaching cannot survive in a world where God is the King!

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