atlasLooking at the above picture, you might see a moth with a unique wing pattern. You may not see the cobra heads on each side, at the tips, and you may not notice how much they look like the poisonous snake. You may have missed all that and just seen a moth. But, now you should be able to see the design.

Many people see that design and say God designed it like that to ward off predators. Others would look at it and say that the moth evolved that pattern because he had seen a predator back away from a cobra. You could say his story went something like this:

How the Atlas moth got its cobra heads

Not by Rudyard Kipling

One day, a long time ago, the plain moth was flying along when he saw a cobra. The cobra was up and fighting against a lion. Whenever the cobra rose up and flattened his hood, the lion would move back. The plain moth, seeing this, said, “I will be like the cobra.”

So, he hired a famous caterpillar painter and asked him to paint cobra heads on the tips of his wings. The caterpillar did an amazing job and the moth was very pleased, although he couldn’t even see the heads. He figured he would be safe now.

Sure enough, the wings scared off predators and the plain moth, now called an Atlas moth, had children and they all had the same cobra heads. And that is how the Atlas moth got his cobra heads.

Pretty ridiculous, right? Well, unless evolutionists can account for a moth seeing a cobra, knowing the defense would help him and then getting the defense without being able to even see if he had done it right . . . that is the only real way they could say it happened (although they’d never admit it). No, the Atlas moth shows me that there must be a Creator God. How else could the moth have gotten the cobra heads? That is stretching “blind” chance to its limits.