disappointYesterday, we talked about God’s disappointment in sin. Some say God cannot be disappointed in human’s because of their sin. Some may use the Romans 8:1 as their basis. But, a light look into that verse would reveal it doesn’t support their stance.

Romans 8:1 and the following verses teach how Christ has freed us from the bondage of sin but that, even though we still sin, there is no condemnation (or sentence, like Hell).

Another idea about it that I have heard preached from the pulpit, is that God cannot be disappointed in people’s sins because it would have to be a surprise. The main idea: if God is disappointed then it means that sin committed caught Him by surprise.

This idea doesn’t stand up to common sense nor Biblical proof. Disappointment does not necessarily mean surprise.

God knows everything, from the moment of “in the beginning” to forever into eternity. He knows every minute detail about everything. In fact, to get a little more of a taste of that fact, see HERE. Of course, when people hear in order for something to be true it would have to surprise God, they reject the idea! I know I would.

However, disappointment, like I said earlier, does not have to imply surprise. Have you ever been disappointed and it didn’t come with a surprise? Think about it.

God can be disappointed without being surprised because, simple, you cannot surprise God. However, you can disappoint God . . . let’s not get those confused!

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