timefellAwhile back, I saw the ending of show on the Science channel on whether or not God created the universe. Of course, the people on the show and the people making the show already had a belief that God didn’t so, instead of seeing the truth, they made an argument based off what they believed. The show was doomed from the beginning.

Anyway, their argument against God went something like this:

The whole universe came by way of the Big Bang. Right before the Big Bang happened, the entire universe was a black hole. It was the only object in the universe and time did not exist. Therefore, God couldn’t have even created this black hole because there wasn’t any time for God to be there.

They then explained that the black hole exploded and the universe “happened”! But, if this is there argument, than it can be refuted by their same method.

With the advice of my new logic book I recently bought, I’m going to write it out their argument in logical format.

God needs time to exist (false premise)

Time did not exist before the Big Bang (true premise according to their belief, so true or false premise depending on how you look at it)

Therefore, God did not exist before the Big Bang (once again, true or false depending on how you look at it for the same reasons as above)

So, technically, looking at everything strictly as they are, all three parts are false. Two false premises + false conclusion = invalid argument. Now, let’s use their same logic and reverse it on them.

Unintelligent, animate objects need time to exist (true premise)

According to evolutionary belief, time did not exist before the Big Bang (true premise)

A black hole is an unintelligent, animate object (true premise)

Therefore, a black hole could not have existed before the Big Bang (true conclusion that follows from the premises)

Three true premises + true conclusion = valid argument.

Also, if this black hole did, by no possible standards, exist before time then it wouldn’t be able to create the universe as

  1. It can’t create time
  2. It can’t survive outside time
  3. It couldn’t make anything as that would require time to do
  4. If it did make something that thing would constantly be destroyed and remade as time could destruct the black hole’s action

That kind of defeats their argument, doesn’t it?

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