timein23Yesterday, we talked about there being no time for a black hole to 1) create time 2) exist outside of time 3) create anything 4) create anything because exiting outside of time would destroy it if the “creation” lived inside of time. I believe some explanation for these points are needed.

Black holes, or anything, can’t create time

Only God has, can or ever will create or end time. Nobody, human or animal, unintelligent or intelligent, can create time or end it. If somebody believes that they could indeed create time but they can’t prove it because we live in time then there is a test for such a person.

First off, if they can create time, then they should be able to at least remove themselves from time. Can anyone do that? Also, if they had the power to create time, then they should have the power to end it. Anybody up for that challenge?

It says in the first three words of the Bible that God created time, “In the beginning.” Let’s believe that!

Black holes can’t exist outside of time

If a black hole is to exist outside of time, it must be eternal and existent before time was created. So, in order for a black hole to exist outside of time, it must have been made without time, outside of time, before time and needs no time to run or “bang”! Not very promising for evolutionists.

Black holes can’t create anything because it requires time

Even if a black holes is outside of time, before time, needs no time, made without time it still can’t make anything without time. And since it can’t create time, it can’t create anything. Good thing we know God who did make time.

Black holes can’t create a non-conforming creation

Even if, against all laws of the world, the black hole could create something, he wouldn’t be able to create something that exists inside of time. And, even if it could, that creation would constantly be destroyed and recreated as the black hole would never be able to stay stable enough to not create more. That or it would keep “banging” over and over, killing us all.

Well, we have laid the axe to the roots of evolution. Without the big bang, the evolutionary theory loses its bravado.

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