So, here we are. It has been 2.5 years since my last post. I’m still not sure what God has planned for Already Answered since my sabbatical from it, but, going into this new year, I know where God is leading me right now, it’s something called The Home Professor.thpwords

The Home Professor is, in all simplicity, a YouTube channel containing only family-friendly content for children, teenagers and even adults to learn from. It is comprised of short, animated videos explaining all kinds of subjects and fun facts.

We have been launched for just over a week now, and I’m very excited to see that it has been drawing attention and teaching people.

The link to the channel is here, The Home Professor.

I really believe The Home Professor is where God is leading me. Please, go watch some of the videos, and if you like them and wish to support us, visit our Patreon page here. Every single contribution helps! The goal is to produce several new videos every week, but we cannot do it without your support!

P.S. As for myself, in the last two and a half years, I have gotten married to the love of my life, had a son who is now 16 months old and been living the dream of being a dad and husband to the two most amazing people on the planet!

P.P.S. Does this mean I will be posting to Already Answered again? Maybe . . .Maybe.


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