This Perfect World – One Day

The Thaw – Vindicated

The Perfect Human

Watch as a baby is formed from a single cell. Then, watch, astonished, as a single baby in the womb sends a powerful message of love to their parents! Not narrated.

Dinosaurs – The Good and the Bad

Dinosaurs are often labeled as “evolutionist-only” material. Why? Because we let them use God’s creation for their purposes alone. This video is just a start to reclaiming dinosaurs for God’s glory.

He Made The Stars Also

Stars are tiny pinpoints of light in the sky. At least, that is what it looks like for we humans. But, stars are really amazingly large objects of God’s creation! Not narrated.

Dragonflies – God’s Perfect Helicopters

Dragonflies are often called the “flying aces of the world” because of their unique design in flying. This video explores that amazing design God put into these creatures.

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