Third Timeout . . .

800px-St._Bernard_puppyThe first timeout was to analyze what the Scriptures say about God’s disappointment in human’s sins, the second timeout was to look at what man’s beliefs are about it. This, the third timeout, is to remember a sin God hates a lot because it violates the sixth commandment.

Any guesses? Okay, watch the following videos and see if that will help.

Any guesses now?

Nine Billion Dollars


In 2005, $9 billion dollars were given in charitable donations to conserve the environment and animals. Only a little more than double that was given to human services, such as for helping hunger and such. Giving to health-related charities was even less then the human resources. How come we are so deceived to believe that the value of animals are more important than that of humans?

One of the reasons is because we have no respect for human life.