Genealogies have long been looked at as a bunch f mumble-jumble. Few readers of the Bible actually read them in their entirety.

The genealogy records in the Bible can, believe me I’ve done this, predict the age of the earth. How? The record in Genesis 5:1-32 and Genesis 11:10-26 describes the years in which the fathers were when they had their first child. Now if the records in Genesis 5 didn’t have how old Adam was then we wouldn’t be able to do much because, otherwise, we wouldn’t know where to start. In Genesis 5 it starts with the record of Seth. Now, we know that Seth was Adam’s third oldest son so how can he start the genealogy record? Well, since Cain killed Abel (Genesis 4:8) and Cain was then cursed and made a city (Genesis 4:17) he then he bore a son and his son bore a son and so on and so forth.

So, why didn’t Moses continue his genealogy?

Well, for one thing, Cain was cursed and then later his great-great-great-great grandson killed somebody and thus continued the curse of death (Genesis 4:23). For the second thing at the end of Genesis 4 it talks about Seth (Adam’s third son) and how his first son was named Enos and how “. . . then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.” This says that Seth continued the line of faith in God while Cain continued the line of killing (Genesis 4:23)! So, in summary, Seth was probably picked as the continuing line of people because of the holiness and purity in his genealogy.

Well, continuing, when Moses recorded this genealogy he wrote how old Adam was when he had Seth. So we use these ages to get a age of the earth. Now it says in Genesis 5 that Adam was 130 years old when he had Seth. It also says that Adam lived, and begat more children, then he was 930 years old when he had died. If we can take Adam’s age then we would be going past into many other generations. So, you see, that we must stay on the year that the descendants were born.

Know we see that by the time Seth had a child the earth was 235 years old (you must add the years when the people were born to get the age). And by the time Seth’s son had a grandson the earth was 395 years old! Isn’t that awesome?!

But it doesn’t end there, the entire genealogy record in the Bible can be found outside the Bible, in a visual presentation! Read on!

I’m glad to announce an updated PowerPoint on genealogies! You can click here: The Course of the Beginning, Genealogies Visually!

But wait!!!

Sick of looking at all the genealogies on separate slides and trying to connect them in your mind? Well, I have the cure!

I recently took my research of genealogies and compiled it on a new presentation. The words aren’t small, you can drag to any part of the tree and you can hide or make visible certain branches of the tree. I am extremely excited about this new presentation and I hope you share it with your friends. Just click here!

Note: This genealogy covers 4,000 years of life (Adam to Jesus Christ). Also, my name will appear up as “christianintegrity”.

Instructions: Click on the plus (+) sign on the bottom of the bubbles (not all of them have this) and the next descendants will appear, click the minus (-) sign and the opposite will occur. Scroll back and forward to zoom out and in.


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