Before I start this review of these movies I must say that I have watched these three movies. I did, though, watch these movies with a TV guardian (which I strongly recommend for every TV-owning home) which blocked all swear words and any other profanities.

I can’t remember exactly how long it was after I watched Jurassic Park that our family, mainly us younger ones, started talking about dinosaurs and the teaching found in those movies.

My older brother (about 12 at that point, I think) told me that we could make dinosaurs today from blood found in mosquitoes. All we had to do was find a mosquito with dinosaur blood in him. Well, I believed him because he believed it because he had heard it in Jurassic Park. If my parents had known the effect it had on me we probably would have thrown the movie away. Neither of us believe it anymore.VladKonstantinovTyrannosaurus2

But, it wasn’t long before I discovered a VHS tape of Jurassic Park 2 at a garage sale. After pondering it I bought it and our family watched it. What a mistake that was.

All the information that we were entertained in that movie with went straight to our brains and we began to accept it as dinosaur truth. Granted, though, we did not say that they lived millions of years ago or anything like that. No, we just took the misrepresentation of the dinosaurs on that movie series as truth.

For example, it took a long time for any of us to find out that Velociraptor was no more than three feet tall and not 6-7 feet as shown in the Jurassic movies. There are other issues with these movies beyond just the models of dinosaurs. Deinonychus is a better dinosaur than Velociraptors.

Just the name of the Jurassic Park movies gives an evolutionary worldview. The Jurassic period is a stretch of time in the evolutionist’s time chart that reaches 64 million years.

Besides these above notes they also implant theories into kid’s minds without informing them about the nature of these theories. Many things taught about dinosaurs in these films are horribly erroneous and completely mislead from the truth.

So, in short, I do not recommend this movie series. But, if you and/or your family has already seen the movies make sure you go over with them the theories and the facts of those movies. You can most definitely use the information you have found on this dinosaur outreach.

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