The suspiciously yellow light shafted through the paned window. I sat, legs crossed, head tilted, and with a Book open on my lap.

The words came to me and slowly drifted down to my eardrums. The voice was strong, yet relaxing. “ . . . anybody here in that predicament?”

I bowed my head, allowing my back to rest against the side of the leather couch. I clasped my hands, if I only knew then what a dramatic turn this seemingly tiny moment would make in my life, I might have been terrified. But, on the other hand I might have been jumping up and down for joy.

I didn’t glance around to see who was looking; I just made up my mind and resolutely gave homage to God. After I had finished my introductory, I moved to the real purpose of my mind-speaking. In simple terms, I prayed.

I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I prayed and asked for forgiveness from my sins (there are enough of them) and asked for Jesus to lead my life. The turn of events from this complex, but simple decision has lead my life through the best and worst of life, always keeping my head above the water!

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