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With the ability to move any one of their four wings in any direction they pleased, it is no surprise that the dragonfly is often called the flying ace of the world. As can be seen in this video, every beat of the dragonfly is perfectly directed to use the least amount of strength and get the most power out of it. This skill in flying gives the dragonfly the ability to fly up, down, left, right backwards or forwards!

When you look at the dragonfly in this video you can see it has a sleek body with a compact thorax and a slim abdomen. With just the slightest increase of power or change in direction of the wings, the dragonfly can quickly change position while flying. 800px-Sympetrum_flaveolum_-_side_(aka)

The eyes themselves are composed of 30,000 hexagon-shaped faces that are actually, tiny eyes. Now, since these eyes are so small, they can not make up for detail like our human eyes can. Instead, the dragonfly uses his eyes to “sense” movement. He never actually really sees it like you or I would, for us it would be like seeing out of the corner of our eyes. We just see the movement but we don’t focus on it.

When the dragonfly hunts it uses every feature given to him by God. First, let’s watch as he catches this bug. Pay attention to all his body parts and how they move in perfect consistency to make the catch.

Notice how the dragonfly used his legs to snag the fly? Well, when God made the dragonfly, his legs were not made to walk around on. Instead, they were given to him to drop out like a net for his prey. As he approaches the bug he lets them out and grabs the bug in midair. Actually, the only time you will see a dragonfly’s legs extend from his body is when he is hunting or landing.

Now, watch as these two hunts unfold. The first is a simple one whereas the other one shows a little more about the hunting methods of dragonflies.

When we replay this, watch the bug, the abdomen and the legs. The abdomen moves back and forth, giving the dragonfly balance while the legs move out and stretch to grab the bug in case it has any last, tricky moves. Fortunately, the tricky ones are the tastiest for the dragonfly.

I give you the dragonfly, God’s perfect helicopter!

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